Wednesday, August 01, 2012

He comfort me

Everytime it comes to problem, i will be little big down.. My mood will change out of sudden from being cheerful to coldheart or pls-dont-talk-to-me mood. I really don't mind to keep the problem to myself. And actually, I always keep my problem to myself until you may don't know what the hell is playing around in my mind.

But when I met him (my boy), I can't keep to myself anymore. He will try to dig it out until he got the answers. And yes, it will take time to reveal thou. :) The feeling when I have to reveal the secret (which is the problem), at first, I felt dissapointed. Why I must let him know about the problem, whenever the problem is caused by me indeed.

Then, the way he try to dig it out, the way he listened to my problem, seem like he cares me much. At the same time, I feel like I have let it out and the burden is not that bad as I see it. He helped me to brainstorm, to share ideas to overcome the problem. More to sharing is caring. Yerp, the popular quote nowadays. :)

Thanks dear, to come and to comfort me always. Thanks also coz to let your ear to hear all those nonsense from me. Thanks coz accept me whoever I am even I am not perfect for you.


Thanks for care and loving me so much :)


  1. tolong la cpt kawen.. aku rindu nk makan nasik minyak! huhu..

  2. adohai... kali ni aku berserah je ngan si dia. taknak letak 1001 harapan macam dulu-dulu


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