Sunday, April 27, 2008

:: can it be trusted? ::

almost 2 weeks, me lepak kt library, study for my exams. dua subjek dh lpas. tinggal lg satu subjek nk diskor sblum me tumpukan perhatian utk bnda lain plak. last paper ni blansung pd ari selasa ni. pdhal arini dh ahad, tp dok memain2 lagi, lg2 sempt plak nk post artikel utk blog. apa nk jd tah dgn me ni kn... huhuhu... nway, td tgh2 study td, ade la yg tnye bila nk kawen smua tu.. yg sorg girl ni pula ckp, bole tau bila kita kawen based on some of theory.. kononnya ukur in ur middle fingers. dr garis dr tapak tangan, smpai ke garis pertama di jari yg sama. garis pertama tu yg dekat pelipat jari tu. ukur pkai pembaris plak tu.. cm kelakar. nway i'm still involve la dlm hal2 ukur tu. kononnya i will be married time umo 26-27thun.. we will see that.. hahahaaa =P

p/s: hubby, tkmo try ukur ka jari syg tu?

Friday, April 18, 2008

:: spoil ::

my study mood has been disappeared since i got news from my FYP partner last afternoon. he told me that, i still got to show the final result that he wants so much, otherwise i have to extend for another 6months. if i can't finish and can't show the result, so i should extend my study? just because the result that he wanted so much?? i hate u!~ i dont want u in my life ever!~

Thursday, April 17, 2008

:: hubby, exam is coming ::

come and meet him! =) hahaa, seem like exam is someone's name...
since last monday, the study week has started but i only start to open book on today.. but still not in my focus. still surfing the internet like nothing will happened soon.. hehee...
i dont even know, what should started with.. i mean, which subject should i focus first... haiyooo....
why dis lately, i have being a lazy-lazier-laziest girl in the world.. wake up lorh..... dis only the last exam that u will face with... come on, come on... fight that lazy thing.... did u forget, u have to wake up if u want to achieve a dream???

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

:: clocks ::

have u wondered who invented the clocks? and did u know, the water clocks did existed in our world instead the sun clock? u can do ur research bout dat, but i'm sure the history of clocks will help u most!!!

The water clocks

:: wedges ::

My first wedges shoes.. Nice and cute right?? =)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

:: vivacious ::

when referring to the title, u will think it as a feeling of happy. yes i am, i'm happy. but for now, i'm not going to refer the vivacious for happy, but i want to refer the word of viva itself. which means oral exam (mayb). i juz had my viva on last Friday's evening. i already knew, my viva will not going well on that day. i couldn't finish my project due to some technical problem. on my viva session, i had been condemn by the examiners and inviter panels. the condition must very bad as i almost can't answered their questions. but i did do for what i have to do. no body back up me out even my supervisor. yeah, i'm sure, he's quite angry with me as he had said to me before that i'm so stubborn. he did mention that i didn't meet him for a while. but did he mentioned, he did attend lessons in KL.. wait, did he also mentioned that he went back to his place for a week?... naah, he never told that as he only saw my stubborn..
btw, i 'm not feel sad at all when they were condemn me at the session, but i feel so happy. like everybody had seen why i lost in my project. n why, i'm doing it by myself without my sv. one of the examiners, apologized to me if they had condemned me very bad. but i'm ok with it. seriously. still, i guessed my grade not very good for the project.. poor me...
for the title itself.. yes, i'm vivacious when i met my boy yesterday.. glad that he went back to meet me here. almost 2months, i didn't meet him.. long time, is it? but in dis date, we did not managed the plan very well as we feel the time is short(or we loved to be together without concerning the time actually).. nothing much dat we did together. but i still enjoyed being with him. being cuddle, pampered... u guys love to be pampered right???

Saturday, April 05, 2008

:: The Spiderwick Chronicles ::

Freddie Highmore, Sarah Bolger, Mary-Louise Parker, Nick Nolte, Joan Plowright, David Strathairn, Seth Rogen


Griffins. Faeries. Goblins. Brownies. Boggarts. Trolls. Ogres. Sprites. These are some of the mystical creatures you’ll see in ‘The Spiderwick Chronicles’. And as the movie shows, the mystical world is closer than you think. Faeries conceal themselves in flowerbeds but all it takes is a goblin’s spit to see their hidden world.

When the Grace family comes face to face with these magical creatures, they must fight for their very lives.

Twins Jared and Simon (both played by Highmore) and older sister Mallory (Bolger) has just moved into the Spiderwick Estate in New England with their mom (Parker) after a family problem in New York. Jared is unhappy with the move while the others adjust themselves to their new surroundings.

The huge estate is the former home of their great, great uncle Arthur Spiderwick (Strathairn) and great-aunt Lucinda (Plowright). However, the estate houses many secrets including a book that is hidden within these walls. The book is the culmination of Spiderwick’s lifetime encounter with the mystical world on the estate. In fact, Lucinda is in a mental institute because of what she claims to have seen.

Jared is naturally inquisitive and begins to notice unusual things in the house. Eventually, he meets a ‘brownie’ Thimbletack (Short) who is entrusted to protect the book from probing eyes and itchy hands.

Unfortunately, Jared has these attributes and finds the tome titled ‘Arthur Spiderwick’s Field Guide to the Fantastical World Around You’ and ignoring the warning on the cover, opens it. He soon unleashes the magical world surrounding the estate and meets magical creatures such as the friendly hobgoblin named Hogsqueal and the mysterious fairies and sprites.

However, the book also contains secrets that offer unlimited power to anyone who understands its secrets. And this draws the attention of the evil ogre Mulgarath (Nolte). Together with his goblin minions, Mulgarath will stop at nothing to get that book. Only the Grace children and the good magical creatures can defend the book from falling into the wrong hands.

The film is based on the best-selling children book series by Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black.

The action is fast-paced and has some really cool special effects thanks to Industrial Light & Magic who are also responsible for the visual effects in films like ‘Pirates of the Carribbean’, ‘Star Wars’, ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Transformers’. The magical creatures are beautifully rendered onscreen and appear to be imbued with magic – of both the technological and the mystical kind.

The film also entertains from the beginning to the end with its blend of action, suspense and humour. It will definitely appeal to kids and adults alike and is a film that both families and friends can enjoy at the cinemas.

Source from

p/s: i like the ending.. (,") very simple..

:: The Waterhorse: Legend of the Deep ::

Pengarah : Jay Russell
Penulis : Roberts Nelson Jacobs, Dick King Smith
Genre : Pengembaraan, keluarga, fantasi
Penerbit : Walden Media
Pelakon : Emily Watson, Alex Evel, Ben Chaplin, David Morissey, Brian Cox


Filem ini mengisahkan lagenda Scotland tentang seekor kuda laut. Kisah bermula dalam era perang dunia kedua apabila seorang kanak-kanak lelaki yang bernama Angus MacMorrow menemui sebiji telur misteri di tepi pantai. Telur itu dibawa pulang oleh Angus ke bengkel ayahnya di sebelah kediamannya. Angus amat bersedih dengan pemergian ayahnya ke medan perang yang telah setahun lamanya namun masih ada apa-apa berita tentang kepulangan ayahnya.

Namun, kehadiran seekor binatang yang luar biasa yang baru menetas daripada telur tersebut telah mengubah hidup Angus.Angus kembali ceria melihat telatah binatang peliharaannya yang dinamakan Crusoe itu. Dinamakan sedemikian setelah Angus terlihat buku bertajuk terasing di sebuah pulau atau Crusoe.

Crusoe cepat membesar setiap kali dia makan sehingga terpaksa dipindahkan ke tasik. Bagaimanapun, ikatan persahabatan yang unik antara Angus dan Crusoe sangat ikhlas dan suci sehingga Angus sanggup mengorbankan nyawanya demi menyelamatkan Crusoe daripada serangan pihak tentera dan manusia yang tamak dengan duit.
Filem ini juga memberi mesej positif mengenai nilai persahabatan yang suci tanpa mengira makhluk. Yang menyentuh hati penonton ialah melihat dua makhluk berbeza dari dunia berbeza tetapi mempunyai satu kisah kehilangan, kesedihan dan kesepian yang sama berkongsi suka duka hidup mereka untuk meneruskan hidup. Apakah yang terjadi pada Crusoe? Jom saksikan di pawagam berdekatan

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p/s: dh tgk dh, best jugk le.. ade klakar, sedih, geram... pehal pn, Crusoe tu comey even dh besar giler..... (,")