Tuesday, March 25, 2008

>> A guy who loves YOU! <<

The guy who loves you , if he can't always see you,
he will try to make himself busy,
for not to have any time to remember you,
because he knew, if he did,
he will keep on missing you until he could do nothing.

The guy, who loves you, can't tell you the reason why he loves you.
he only knew that, in his eyes, you are the only one.

The guy who loves you, seldom praise you,
but in his heart, you are the best, only he knows it.

The guy who loves you, will scold or complaint if you didn't reply his
message but others, because he cares.

The guy who loves you, only drop his tears in front of you,
when you try to wipe his tears, you are touching his heart,
the heart which beats for you.

The guy who loves you, will remember every word u said,
even its accidentally and he will use the word always at the nick of time.

The guy who loves you,
will not give any promise that easily,
because they don't want to break the promise,
they want you to believe him and they want to give you the happiest and safest life ever after.

The guy who loves you,
always tell you not to think too much,
because they already plan it for you,
he want to give u the best life in the future,
he want to give you a surprise,
believe him that he can do it.

The guy who loves you,
will go to airport to fetch you,
he won't carry a bunch a rose and call you darling like what you expect.
but he will carry your luggage and ask you " why are you becoming that thin within two days?" with his sincere heart.

The guy who loves you, will listen quietly to you,
when you are mad, and when you finished,
he will said, you still got class tomorrow, sleep earlier with a smile.

The guy who loves you, don't know that whether he should call you when you are angry,
but he will sent a message to you after few hours,
if you ask him why he call that late,
he will said, when you are angry, my explanation are all rubbish.
But when you calm down, my explanation will only really works.

The guy who loves you, always call you little kid,
but every time he want to make a big decision,
he will first want to hear your advice.

The guy who loves you, don't like little toy like teddy bear,
but he will always put the bear you gift him at his bed.

The guy who loves you, while quarreling,
he will apologize uncontrollably, although you are the one who's wrong,
and later, he will sent a message to you with " baby, actually you know its your fault, you know it yourself."

p/s: I hope dis is true. and I hope he will continue doing dis if he really LOVE me!!!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

>>Someone's Watching Over Me<<

Someone's Watching Over Me
by Hilary Duff

I found myself today
Oh, I found myself and ran away
But something pulled me back
The voice of reason I forgot I had

All I know is you're not here to say
What you always used to say
But it's written in the sky tonight

So I won't give up, no I won't break down
Sooner than it seems life turns around
And I will be strong even if it all goes wrong
When I'm standing in the dark I'll still believe
Someone's watching over me

I've seen that ray of light
And it's shining on my destiny
Shining all the time, and I won't be afraid
To follow everywhere it's taking me

All I know is yesterday is gone
And right now I belong
To this moment, to my dreams

So I won't give up, no I won't break down
Sooner than it seems life turns around
And I will be strong even if it all goes wrong
When I'm standing in the dark I'll still believe
Someone's watching over me

It doesn't matter what people say
And it doesn't matter how long it takes
Believe in yourself and you'll find
And it only matters how true you are
Be true to yourself and follow your heart

So I won't give up, no I won't break down
Sooner than it seems life turns around
And I will be strong even if it all goes wrong
When I'm standing in the dark I'll still believe

That I won't give up, no I won't break down
Sooner than it seems life turns around
And I will be strong even when it all goes wrong
When I'm standing in the dark I'll still believe

That someone's watching over
Someone's watching over
Someone's watching over me
Yeah, oh, oh, someone's watching over me

p/s: song that motivated me, juz not me but motivated my house mates also. chayo' girls!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

>>lack of energy<<

starting yesterday, i'm feeling like i'm a snail. lack of energy to move, to work, to do anything. but still, on yesterdays' evening, i did walked at the park. it is after my housemates ask me to bring them to the park with car. feeling fresh at first but then i'm sleepy. for today, i'm doing nothing. woke up on noon, had bath, surfing the internet for a while, feeling sleepy and then i sleep back... what's wrong with me? wake up! u have so much thing to do. u have to submit the report, u have to answer the quiz given, u have to unsolder component, and others!!! should i list it??
omg, pls give strength to me.. pls give energy to me, to settle my things out. i dont want to delay it anymore. if i delayed it more, will much more burden i have to carry. pls save me!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Wahrheit is a word in Germany language which means truth. the truth what had happened for past few days. last Friday, i met my sv and i did received positive chance from him. he guided me better than before. he didnt scolded me for nothing anymore. i'm glad with that. now im have more confidence to finish it up. at least, have some result rite.. better than nothing.
in dat evening also, i returned to my hometown. release tension inside me. and in the next morning, i feel better. i have better mind that i should meet my sv even though he being 'cruel' bcoz he's doing dis for my goods. mayb. but i hav to think it as positive. so that i can finish my project.
Mon and Tues, i had been working more than before. i met my sv, i ask guided from other lecturer and some other things. but for yesterday which is Wed, things not goes well as planned. but it still ok. but i'm glad that i did wake up from yesterday's nitemare. did i?
more things make me cheer up when im feeling dat i do have friends to comfort me, to understand me, to support me. thanx girls. i love you! and i did realize that there are no wrongs with me, i'm being truth to all. it is just some misunderstanding. and the truth is no one understand HER. and maybe, she dont understand herself either. everybody treat her as a friend to keep her heart broken. but pls.. let her know about herself. dont make she destroy herself.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

>>dont push me<<

dont push me! pls! dont push me! i had done everything that i need to do. pls dont do like that to me!!! i'm not stubborn. yet i'm not the person that dont pay attention to u. i listen to u!
i hate this when my supervisor call me on this evening, that if i dont meet him tomorrow, i will be suspended from the FYP, (FYP=Final Year Project). if i did suspended, i have to extend for a year. but how i can meet him when he expect i will finish everything up. but did he realized that he never supervised me that good? to show that i'm so good like him??
sorry my supervisor, but seem like i started to hate u! more! other sv, will guide his student to achieve the objective with all his efforts also even they not so familiar with the field. but u, only keep torturing me, keep giving commands. like u knew everything. when i did good, u never raised me even once. but when did wrong for once, u will threaten me, to drop the FYP. poor my partner, have to take all the risk. but if i cant maintain myself now, myb i will drop the FYP myself. it's too hard for me! sorry partner!


everyone has their own shell rite. function of the shell is to let our certain private things to hide from outside world. mostly like that i think. or myb, 'STAY BEHIND, THIS IS ME'. i dont know. every world, have their own motto mayb. hahaa.. silly me...
but something i wondering here... did i thicken my shell from others till nobody understand me? or did nobody dont understand me because who i am? or others keep some distance with me because who i am?? s**t!!! i hate this situation. pls, can i explain who am i. i never make the distance from u guys. never!! i'm not shy girl. i always talkative one, always tell story. ask my mother or juz ask my housemate. but when i told story to u guys, u never listen to my story. not even once. so should i keep telling the story to u guys? of course not. not bcause i'm secrective. but u guys make me like that. never make me visible in front of u. mayb one or two from u guys, have treat me good. i'm ok with dat, but when u keep distance from me, dat make me sad. really sad.
still, i have my family and my hubby. thanx to them because really understand about me, and always supporting me.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


how u would know that u're guilty? pls tell me. sumbody? well, in my place, i wouldnt know that i'm guilty, till sumbody treat me like that. she never talk to me, greet me for almost a month even we're in same class. i did realized about it but i never care till yesterday. she asked paper from her friends, where they're my friends too. they seat beside me. no body gave the paper till i tear up my book, to give her some piece of paper. guess what, she not even touch the paper and thank me while she said to person seat beside her, 'i need short paper, not that'. i didnt know,what i have did to her. but she had told me before, not to only me, to others friends also, 'i'm not sensitive, i'm a tough heart girl, i will never care bout anything'.. being so cool. now, she's a cold person. not diplomatic with her friends. mayb u will think, i'm the sensitive bcoz i 'notice' the incident. but there are alot of things had happened before.
anything dat i said, will make her not to satisfy. she's prefer me to keep my mouth shut. if before, she like me to accompany her to have drink. now, she will invite other person to accompany her. if i'm hanging around at that place, she will not join me. but if i moved, then she will hanging around with others.
somebody, pls tell me what should i do. i don't want the existing friendship will break up juz because for a small reason. emm, myb i should let her live in her world, while i live in mine. should i?

Thursday, March 06, 2008

>>imej lelaki<<

LELAKI ADALAH PEMIMPIN : Seharusnya dia melindungi, mendidik dan menyelamatkan wanita – bukannya mengambil kesempatan diatas kelemahan wanita ATAU menunggu serta memilih wanita hebat sahaja untuk dimiliki.

Lelaki yang mengakui cintanya suci dan sejati: lelaki yang menghormati dan menjaga maruah teman wanita atau kekasihnya – Seharusnya lelaki ini bertimbang rasa dan berusaha membahagiakan wanita yang dicintainya bukanya menguasai dan menggunakan kuasa `VETO" sebagai lelaki.

Lelaki yang benar-benar jatuh cinta kepada seorang wanita: Dia akan menerima siapa sahaja wanita itu seadanya, bukannya menyiasat dan menilai wanita yang macamana yang harus dicintai atau dijadikan teman hidup.

Lelaki yang bergelar suami adalah pemimpin dalam rumahtangga: Sebarang masalah yang bergolak atau kepincangan dalam rumahtangga adalah tanggungjawab suami bukannya meletakan segala punca masalah atas kerana isteri atau anak-anak – Ianya berpuca daripada kelemahan kepimpinan suami.

Lelaki perlu bijaksana dalam setiap urusan dan tindakan: Jangan sesekali menyalahkan orang lain atau menuding jari atas setiap kegagalan hidup yang dilalui.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


can u handle the pressure? can u handle the tension? I’m talking about my current life. It is about everything. lots of pressure surround me. main of pressure? yeah, of course from my fyp. But then, I’m still tension about my ex-bf. Juz contact me few minutes ago and wanna meet me, juz to chat with me. But I know he never meet me without reasons. I think he kinda sought of to persuade me, to accept him back. He’s always said dat he miss me. dat kinda of persuade rite? Pls remember my ex! I’m not single, and I’m not available. i’m already engaged. And I’m happy with my current life. Pls stay away from me. But he never trust the facts. he always thought I lied to him to make him away from me. no la.. I’m not interested with u. and I don’t think I will interest with u again after things dat happened. But people out there, I’m not gonna tell my boy, not gonna tell my fiancé dat his enemy has returned to take his girl back. Then what should I do? U know what, sSometimes, I feel like my story like other story in the film or drama. But then, I never realized how the story ends. Somebody pls guide me..