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Monday, December 14, 2009

shopaholic and community

December always been waiting by the shopaholics. Yes, I am telling the truth. And gosh, I just mention YES! Maybe few of you do not get the point. But for shopaholics, they always been waiting for YES!!!

YES which stands for Year End Sale. I knew, some will argue with me about YES meaning. They will said YES will be related and link with PLUS programs. But I did mention about shopaholics right? So what do you expect?

For the persons who lives in Kuala Lumpur, we are very lucky. We got a lot of shopping mall that will complete our wish lists and as long as you got the money! For who have a lot of money and prefer of branded items, Pavilion, Gardens, Lot 10, Starhill, KLCC will be the best place for you. But do not misjudge the shopping malls, because some time you can get cheap items at the places. And if I mean cheap, it is really cheap!

If you the type like the funky items, fashion up to date and never care about the brand, I will suggest Sungei Wang Plaza, Berjaya Times Square and Mid Valley. You will find super duper cute items there. For the price, it is most reasonable. Where you can get 4 pieces of clothes with RM100. It would be here!!!

Beside of this YES things, Kuala Lumpur is always the places that have sale along the year. There are no signs of sale, or discount tagging but you can try to bargain. Masjid India, Jalan TAR, Petaling Street among the famous locations to shop. And not to forget Down Town which only have in Kuala Lumpur.

And I am glad to say that we are one community, and one nation!

We never biased with anyone whenever it links to the shopping spree. We always support each other. Yep, we did! You know why? It is because whenever we go shopping, we always tolerate and be patient with each other when we queue up at the counter. And if there something that need to share with others, we do not mind to share it. Example, let say there are promotions being held, Buy 1 Free 1. You don't mind to find neighbour or anyone which have same interest to share to buy the items. True right?

It does make sense when I said we are one community and one nation! Oh YES!!!

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