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Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Wahrheit is a word in Germany language which means truth. the truth what had happened for past few days. last Friday, i met my sv and i did received positive chance from him. he guided me better than before. he didnt scolded me for nothing anymore. i'm glad with that. now im have more confidence to finish it up. at least, have some result rite.. better than nothing.
in dat evening also, i returned to my hometown. release tension inside me. and in the next morning, i feel better. i have better mind that i should meet my sv even though he being 'cruel' bcoz he's doing dis for my goods. mayb. but i hav to think it as positive. so that i can finish my project.
Mon and Tues, i had been working more than before. i met my sv, i ask guided from other lecturer and some other things. but for yesterday which is Wed, things not goes well as planned. but it still ok. but i'm glad that i did wake up from yesterday's nitemare. did i?
more things make me cheer up when im feeling dat i do have friends to comfort me, to understand me, to support me. thanx girls. i love you! and i did realize that there are no wrongs with me, i'm being truth to all. it is just some misunderstanding. and the truth is no one understand HER. and maybe, she dont understand herself either. everybody treat her as a friend to keep her heart broken. but pls.. let her know about herself. dont make she destroy herself.

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