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Thursday, March 13, 2008

>>dont push me<<

dont push me! pls! dont push me! i had done everything that i need to do. pls dont do like that to me!!! i'm not stubborn. yet i'm not the person that dont pay attention to u. i listen to u!
i hate this when my supervisor call me on this evening, that if i dont meet him tomorrow, i will be suspended from the FYP, (FYP=Final Year Project). if i did suspended, i have to extend for a year. but how i can meet him when he expect i will finish everything up. but did he realized that he never supervised me that good? to show that i'm so good like him??
sorry my supervisor, but seem like i started to hate u! more! other sv, will guide his student to achieve the objective with all his efforts also even they not so familiar with the field. but u, only keep torturing me, keep giving commands. like u knew everything. when i did good, u never raised me even once. but when did wrong for once, u will threaten me, to drop the FYP. poor my partner, have to take all the risk. but if i cant maintain myself now, myb i will drop the FYP myself. it's too hard for me! sorry partner!

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